Why Employers Do Not Get Back to You

Today, employers often do not get back to you after you have applied for a job.  This video gives you some tips and reasons why.

Cover Letters

Photo Credit: MS Clipart

Many people, not just second language learners, get nervous when they are asked to write a cover letter to a company when applying for a job. Fear no more! Here are five tips for writing a winning cover letter.

  • Begin by making a direct statement.  
    • I am writing today to apply for the __________ position in your company.
  • Next, tell why you want to work at this company. 
    • I am interested in this position because...
  • Now, tell the employer what is good about you. Create bullet points - they are easier to read. 
    • This is an example of what I have done in the past.
      • organized the new XYZ process for LMN Company
      • created quicker way of tracking ABC
      • attended the FGH Conference 
  • Then, remind them of why you would be the best choice.
    • I would be an asset to your company because of my ______, ______, and ______ skills.
  • Finally, say "Thank you" and make sure you state how you will proceed.
    • I appreciate your consideration and will call next week to set up an interview. OR, Thank you for your consideration. I expect to hear from you soon.
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